Medellin girls want to hang out with you.. Practice their english, Make new friends and have new experiences, some of them could be romantic.

There will be interpreters and tour guides to introduce everyone. Bonus! a lot of these girls speak English.



It is going to be a memorable experience and could change your life. It’s something she won’t forget either.  Oh, and if you move here, that’s another reality to explore.

You know Colombians are said to be the happiest people in the world? It’s true. And there are 80,000 Americans already here.. 10,000 digital nomads,  wow,

but first!  You are coming here for FUN!  You will interact over drinks and appetizers in a FUN, friendly and comfortable place.. You can dance if you want to.

The girls will be waiting for you. You could schedule a tour together or a trip to San Andres or Cancun. Be careful what you wish for…dreams come true in Colombia.

Friendships for the rest of your life…

Disclaimer: The girls we invite to the party are single, most have careers. They are friendly, polite and well, they’re beautiful. Ahh but they are not “easy”. They are coming to meet nice guys looking for fun adventures and traveling.. Give them the respect they deserve.. Then anything is possible.


Take her somewhere and see what happens.


FuninMedellin tours and services are at your disposal. There will even be signup sheets for tours. We plan events to bring people together. We encourage them to socialize and offer many tours around Medellin and throughout Colombia. Come and see.  We also offer overnight private Mansion and pool parties at Villas or Fincas outside the city.

You can visit us in Colombia at any time. Fill out our contact form for a custom party outline and quotation. Events are held in Medellin and Cartagena. Sometimes in Bogota. Limited space is available so don’t wait too long. Dates and prices vary.

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