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Nestled in the Andes, Medellin is nicknamed the “City of Eternal Spring”. They even have a annual flower show. The rooms are usually booked months in advance.

A Chiva tour

 Thru El Poblado and Laurless is a fantastic experience with one of or bilingual hostesses as guides.

There are all kinds of amazing adventures in and around Medellin. Paragliding over the countryside gives stunning views,

while rafting the Rio Claro is a thrilling and unique way to explore.There are Caves with waterfalls along the river and monkeys in the tress!

Horseback riding is another fun thing to do.. and Medellin is one of the best places to do it.

You could schedule a paintball battle

Motorcycle tours are a great way to explore the countryside.  if you’re a fan of adrenaline-filled activities,

you can rent a jet ski in Guatape

or take on some of the local zip lines and waterfalls.

Best tours

Communa 13, is a neighborhood located in the hillsides of Medellin,  It was once considered one of the most dangerous areas in the city due to violence associated with Pablo Escobar, the drug cartels and guerrilla groups. However, Communa 13 has undergone a remarkable transformation and has become a enviable symbol of urban renewal, with many articles published around the world and news media coverage. It has become world renowned for its vibrant street art and graffiti.  An outdoor escalator system, known as the “Electric Stairs” or “Escaleras Electricas.” were built. The escalators have not only improved mobility but have also become a tourist attraction.

Our guided bilingual tour uides provide insight into the neighborhood’s history and opportunities to interact with local residents and artists.

YOU MUST take a Cable Car:

while you are here! You’ll have an aerial view of the mountain, the valleys and all the different neighborhoods here from the air. You can get all the way over the mountain to Park Arvi. Words cannot describe the ride. It’s amazing!

Guatape is a picturesque town located in Antioquia, approximately 79 kilometers (49 miles) east of Medellin. Known for its colorful buildings, stunning landscapes, and the iconic El Peñol rock. Everyone wants to go there. Invite a friend!

El Peñol:

El Peñol, also known as La Piedra or “The Rock.” Is a massive granite rock formation stands over 200 meters (656 feet) tall and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. You can climb the 740-step staircase built into the rock to reach the top and enjoy panoramic vistas of the reservoir and islands. You’re going to take a lot of photos. There are helicopter tours at the base of “the rock”

Guatape is situated on the shores of a large reservoir, Lake Guatape. There are lots of water activities, including boat rides, jet skiing, kayaking, and a large ship there has sunset cruises with dinner aboard. .  There are several islands in the reservoir that can be explored as well. There are many Fincas, Airbnb’s and Mansions in the hills and along the lake.

Guatape is known for Plaza de Zocalos, it’s a bustling hub filled with restaurants, cafes, and souvenir shops. Staying overnight allows for a more relaxed experience and the opportunity to enjoy the town’s tranquil atmosphere. There are luxurious Airbnb rentals (min mansions) along with less expensive hotels also available. Lots of amenities and great views.

Comuna 13


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